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Written By Gogo Artos on Thursday, December 20, 2012 | 1:13 AM

When the sun day - morning and evening emerges from the horizon - that is immersed in the horizon. Striking thing is that he is the end or a new beginning.

2012 is coming to an end. This year many unprecedented incidents have occurred in the international arena. May go down in history as the events coming years.

Delhi Gangrep: girl survived even if she will not eat food throughout the agesNew Delhi. Sunday night Gangrep victim girl's condition still remains fragile. According to doctors placed him on a ventilator and she is struggling between life and death. Even if he survived, he says, he will take it difficult to eat.
Safdarjung Hospital doctors on Thursday told the media, "Wednesday's victim bowel had been removed. He currently is on life support system. Morning the girl's condition remains stable. Peedhta's blood pressure, heartbeat rate etc. are normal. Girl herself, trying to breathe and is conscious. There has been a slight decrease in platelet count Bld. After the incident, the girl is bravely circumstances. "
We have observed the victim. Let's hope that his condition does not worsen. "
The girl was severely beaten during the incident. Hence, there was a serious injury in his intestines. Life saving surgery on Wednesday in his most small intestines removed. He has been placed inside a tube coming out from the body fluids to be pulled out. The victim is being given intravenous nutritional support.
What will be the impact in the future?Small intestine removed intravenous nutrition to patients for a long time (give nourishment intravenously) are placed on. Such people have to be Tronsplant small intestine to lead a normal life.
The whole country is going to pray for the life of the girl, the girl has stunned doctors see the desire to live. (Our campaign: two hanging rapists from punishment) are treating her doctor says Sunil Jain, the situation and the pain she is going through it, so get to see rare case. But his courage and strong mindset towards life shows how she is alive. Drindon an hour between them nearly an hour after he was lying on the spot. Then he was brought to the hospital, which took 40 minutes. This was completed with the police and reported the incident to the doctor. And is now being treated, then the doctors are worried about her health, where she is to live and pray for it. Wrote on Tuesday, where he told his mother that I want to live while this morning and he seemed quite alert behavior is a positive sign. In fact, a woman can only do such a strong mentality.
If severe intestinal injury has been caused by the surgery but have increased levels of infection in the blood. Doctors say the girl and the operation may take many more. Doctors say that blood platelets count down only minimum space of half a million 48 thousand are left. Is more than ever a need for ventilation. Being treated with blood pressure medications. To relieve the pain frequent intervals morphine dose of the drug is being given. Doctors fear that the girl septicemia, gangrene and can cause lung infections.

Home Minister announced in Parliament's women's security measures:
Union Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde, in both Houses of Parliament on Wednesday gave the statement. Measures announced in the safety of women in Delhi. According to them ...
- Rose black films on glass Htengi buses. The buses will be tinted and seized them will be hanging curtains.
- Woman IPS officer suffering (any event) will health information. Remain in contact with his family.
- Evening the buses will be necessary to keep the lights burning.
- The buses are not on duty will be placed next to the owners.
- All drivers and staff will investigate afresh about
- Delhi Police PCR fleet will be enhanced.
- Will be a comprehensive review of recent case of mass rape. Special investigation team has been formed.
- In case of misdemeanor punishment proposed increase is under consideration in Parliament.
- Bus driver license number and a photocopy of the photo identity cards will be mandatory mobile number.
- Buses will be put on the help line numbers in bold.

"Those who are in government, they are demanding action. Whereas they should act. "- Sushma Swaraj, Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha

May rapist hanged!
Concrete steps to be taken round the pressure of demand, government has decided to set up task force. Home Ministry sources said the Central Government to consider the case of rape Task Force has decided to make. The Task Force rape would consider to be hanged. Union Home Secretary would be heading it. Delhi Delhi Police Commissioner and the Home Secretary will join the Task Force. Women's Commission, a member of the Task Force will also be included in the news.

Meanwhile, the girl gave the police a written statement. In the statement, the victim tells developments in detail. On Wednesday, one of the two absconding accused was arrested from Aurangabad in Bihar. On Wednesday, the three accused in the court where he was to confess. Vinay Sharma name for himself an accused's sentence - a - death sought. (Read the full Events Wednesday)"The accused should be chemically castrated. They suffer the punishment to life. Some countries are punished. "

What year in running trains Gangrep:
Capital is not the first time that Gangrep moving trains. Even before such incidents have taken place 11 times.Whining crowd wildly with the inability explicit checking every vehicle made it clear that the police still have no concrete strategy. Talking about the rape incidents so far this year there have been 580 cases.

New Delhi / Ahmedabad / Shimla. Gujarat (counting LIVE) and Himachal Pradesh assembly elections (counting live updates), the end result will come out in a while. In both states, the counting is still going on. Modi, Chief Minister of the state to become the third consecutive year and the fifth consecutive BJP came to power in the state are on the road. Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa and Narendra Modi greeted Bollywood star Amitabh Bachchan. However, after five years in Himachal return Congress and BJP have accepted their defeat. However, the CM's chair in Himachal turmoil has begun within the Congress. Congress state incharge Virendra Kumar Singh said the Chief Ministerial candidate is not alone. If he is the only contender would convene a meeting of the legislature party in Delhi.Sonia Gandhi, Chief Minister of Himachal who will seal the other hand, the CM's chair and manipulative lobbying has begun.
The BJP won 99 seats, yet the trend has topped the 23 seats. The Congress won 41 seats and is moving forward at 15. Five seats are topped other candidates. Himachal BJP has won 17 seats in the front is on the 9th. However, Congress has won 29 seats and has topped the 7. ('Modi government came to be so bang')
Gujarat: Where Who won the View List
HP: Who Where won View List
PHOTOS: Gujarat election mode
Constable MLA Minister Modi's overbearing journey

When the sun day - morning and evening emerges from the horizon - that is immersed in the horizon. Striking thing is that he is the end or a new beginning.

2012 is coming to an end. This year many unprecedented incidents have occurred in the international arena. May go down in history as the events coming years.

Human enemies of humanity ...

When was constantly bombarded by Israel on Gaza last month. The world saw the pictures and stirring humanity. Flstini motorcycle riders were dragging a person along the rope. They suspect that the man was a spy for Israel.


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