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Animals With Incredible Teeth

Written By Gogo Artos on Thursday, December 13, 2012 | 10:49 AM

                                   1. The Squid That Grew Human Teeth

 Have you ever seen a set of human teeth in the mouth of a squid? The Promacthoteuthis sulcus is the squid of your nightmares, hailing from the depths of the ocean. Fortunately, these teeth aren't as frightening as they seem.
This squid's choppers are actually lips! Like many cephalopods, the Promacthoteuthis sulcus has a beak, but its unique folded lips cover up this feature. The bottom line? Don't fear these pseudo-teeth; fear the powerful beak that is concealed beneath them. The line below the bottom line? Fear the bends and death by excruciating pressure if you ever see one of these critters, since you will be hundreds of feet under the surface of the water and in complete darkness.

                          The Whales Who Have Hair Where Their Teeth Should Be

he guys over at How Stuff Works have made an excellent analogy that will serve us well in talking about the teeth of Baleen Whales. This set of “teeth” is actually more like a giant moustache inside of the whale's mouth. Also, like most pieces of facial hair, it gets food caught in it. This way, when the whales open their mouths and take in water, krill and other goodies are left behind for them to eat!

9. The Sheepshead Has Human-Like Teeth On The Roof Of Its Mouth
Animals With Incredible Teeth

The Sheepshead is a common fish in North America and a target for many fishermen. What many people don't realize, however, is how strange their teeth are! These fish have human-like teeth, which is odd, but they also have a row of teeth on the roof of their mouths.

The teeth of this fish are relatively blunt, so they are used mainly for cracking open clams and oysters. These, along with crustaceans, are the main diet of the Sheepshead.

10. The Animal With Teeth That Grow Like Trees
Animals With Incredible Teeth

Unfortunately, it's a little bit more difficult than you would think to look at a dolphin and guess its age. While the teeth are a very good set of indicators, you would need to take one out and cut it in half in order to estimate the age of the dolphin. This creature's teeth feature growth rings, much like those present in trees, that allow scientists to guess how old the animals are!

                                       SO NICE ANIMAL

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